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Revealed Wisdom of the Living God Vol. 1


 It is the afternoon of May 20th 1992. Debora, born in 1973, is passing through the road that leads to the market gate, when a mysterious but very tender 'voice' of a man rang in the depths of her heart calling her 'Daughter'. Such is the fright, that, the girl with her heart in her mouth returns home, with her face turned white. She hides what has happened from her family. The young girl, having a temperament adverse to every form of expression of the invisible world and hostile particularly to all religious creeds, does not deliberately pay any attention. Debora1 s life in the meantime does not undergo any change in any way: she goes to the disco, continues to follow her lessons at school, she does not give up enjoying herself, but the disturbance caused by that 'voice' takes a hold on her conscience.


It is August 10th: Debora in the company of her friends is coming up to the disco, when the mysterious 'voice' makes itself heard again most powerfully, but with 'His' characteristic gentleness:


'Daughter, walk in My Word and little by little, I will lead you to where the Just Father is'.


The plans for the evening come to nothing, because being overwhelmed she asks to be taken home.


Some weeks pass by, before knowing with certainty the identity of this mysterious 'interlocutor'. It is September 13th (3.30 pm). That same most tender 'voice' says to her:


'Daughter, in the name of Eternal Love I leave you My peace, My peace I give you: I am the King of Revelation, Son of the Living God'.


On October 23rd, Debora, lying on the sofa, meditates the experience, when, taken by surprise by a light that lit the room with the brightness of day, she raises her eyes upwards and sees three 'radiant spheres', that rotate, pulsate and join up, forming an enormous 'sunlit egg' almost two metres high.


A 'Young Woman' accompanied by the most melodious singing appears to her coming out of the Sun. The 'beautiful Lady' has oriental features: an olive complexion, black wavy hair, hazel eyes, rosy cheeks, dimples in her cheeks, velvet lips like two red rose petals. The marvellous 'Lady' is wearing a long gown of the whitest white, without a girdle on her hips. Her head is crowned with twelve glittering stars, and covered by a veil intertwined with bright glimmering threads. Her bare feet are often adorned with golden roses.


The beautiful 'Lady' in Her Apparitions to Debora always appears enveloped in a light whiter than white, supported by glowing clouds, that irradiate with light the branches of the olive tree on which She appears.



The idea of writing this notebook came from a Priest whom I met frequently, as in 1992 I had had a strange experience, called a «Mystical experience» by the experts. Before what I am about to narrate occurred, I was a young person without God and without any particular gifts. Under the guidance of this Priest I began to record everything on paper. At the time this seemed pointless but today I am called directly by Jesus the Master and by His Most Blessed Mother to write their Word. As Jesus says, the experience which I am called to live is not only for myself, but it must be an aid 'like a brush-stroke of colour and of hope for this generation which seems to be without Light and without ideals.'

 'From these writings, the Master says, will transpire all the Love and Mercy of My Heart, deeply saddened because of the offences committed by My sick children. Furthermore this gift from Heaven will be confirmation that I, King of Revelation and Saviour of the world, walk with you at all times until the «End Times». They will understand that I have never abandoned them and that I am always ready to receive them, but above all to direct them on their journey'.


In faith and love


Your servant DEBORA




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